Welcome to Vacant Land Now LLC’s in-depth disclaimer page. We prioritize transparency and clear communication with our esteemed customers. It’s imperative to go through the following terms meticulously before initiating a purchase:

  1. Commitment to Accuracy: While we hold a high standard in our research and strive to ensure the utmost accuracy of our property listings, understand that rules, by-laws, and regional nuances are fluid and may evolve. Though we endeavor to keep our listings updated, buyers bear the ultimate responsibility to authenticate this information on their own.
  2. Duty of the Buyer: Investing in land marks a considerable commitment. Hence, all buyers should:
    • Confirm zoning constraints.
    • Ascertain the presence of utilities and road connectivity.
    • Investigate proximity to vital services and amenities.
    • Be aware of any established covenants or usage restrictions. A purchase based exclusively on a textual description carries intrinsic uncertainties. A physical visit to the property, prior to purchase, is a crucial step we cannot emphasize enough.
  3. Limitation of Liability: Vacant Land Now LLC will not assume responsibility for ramifications stemming from a buyer’s omission to undertake exhaustive due diligence. This encompasses any changes in localized laws, regulations, or land attributes after the acquisition date.
  4. Indemnification & Release: Upon confirming a purchase, the buyer enters an agreement to indemnify and hold harmless Vacant Land Now LLC against any claims, liabilities, damages, or expenses arising from their failure to engage in rigorous due diligence or any related oversight.
  5. Voluntary Acceptance: Engaging in a transaction indicates your voluntary acceptance of these terms and your acknowledgment of the importance of due diligence.

Should there be any queries or if any aspect of this disclaimer needs further elucidation, kindly reach out to us.