1.5-acre Wooded Lot for Sale in Curry, OR Overlooking the Chetco River! Sold

  • $79,000

Cash Price: $79,000.  Reserve today for $1,000 + Doc fee


Check out this 1.5-acre oasis in the middle of Curry, OR, indeed a brand new adventure for families and couples. The perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle loaded with timber woods. In no way do these pictures do justice to their immense size. The parcel has high and dry land to build on, perfectly situated along Musser Hill, about 10 minutes east of downtown Brookings. There are many opportunities on this beautifully & densely wooded property.

Ever wonder what life is outside the busy and narrow city streets? Find out for yourself and own this 1.5-acre lot surrounded by the raw wilderness of Curry County. Your quiet seclusion shouldn’t come pricey and restocking for daily supplies should be easy. This lot is sure to attract a number of homeowners and savvy investors in no time!

Property Details:
Parcel Number: 4013-34 -00106
County: Curry County
Parcel Size: 1.48 acres
City: Brookings
Zip Code: 97415
Center GPS Coordinates: 42.070538, -124.222384
Corner GPS Coordinates:
42.070434, -124.222861
42.070468, -124.222864
42.070586, -124.222809
42.070798, -124.222574
42.070938, -124.222456
42.070586, -124.221862
42.070068, -124.222237
Elevation: 187.0 feet
Property Access: Paved Road
Doc Fee: $249

Closest Cities:
– Eugene OR
– Salem OR
– Sacramento CA
– San Francisco CA


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Brookings, OR 97415
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For Sale
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