0.60-acre Lot For Sale Near Deep Creek Lake Sold

  • $6,900

Cash: $6,900. Reserve today for $800 + doc fee

Terms: $1,380 down + doc fee.  $117.28/mo + loan servicing fee.  60 months at 10% interest

Own a piece of 0.60-acre an ever-changing landscape in Garrett County, MD! Located just a few steps away from Youghiogheny River, easily accessible via Cedar Lane, approximately 23 minutes north of Oakland minutes from Oakland Golf Course, Swallow Falls State Park and Mt Nebo State Forest and 26 minutes to all Deep Creek Lake attractions including Wisp Ski Resort, Adventure Sports Center International Whitewater Rafting Course, restaurants, shopping and more!

With the guaranteed generous space, you’ll get to have fun and many other adventures in the comforts of your own backyard because this property has everything you need! What a wonderful opportunity to invest.

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Property Details:
Parcel Number: 06-012698
County: Garett County
State: MD
Parcel Size: 0.6 Acre
City: Oakland, MD
Zip Code: 21550
Center GPS Coordinates: 39.5254, -79.4292
Corner GPS Coordinates:
39.5256, -79.4295
39.5256, -79.4289
39.5253, -79.4295
39.5252, -79.4295
39.5252, -79.4288
Elevation: 2677.2 ft
Property Access: Paved


Closest Cities:
– Morgantown WV
– Cumberland MD
– Pittsburgh PA
– Hagerstown MD
– Washington DC

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Cedar Ln
Oakland, MD 21550
Lot Size:
0.6 Acres
For Sale
Property Type:

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